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CHC is familiar with the different types of construction, and can offer a flexible and comprehensive service ranging from development to production and quality control.

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At a time when the footwear sector in Portugal was booming, there was an alarming lack of communication between international clients and the production units. It is in this context that CHC came into existence: it was created with a view to establishing a closer relationship between customers and producers; furthermore, the company guarantees that the work is properly monitored and that its clients’ needs are fully met by means of its proactive and careful involvement.

With its headquarters in Santa Maria da Feira, the footwear industry centre par excellence in Portugal, the CHC is positioned differently with regard to other sourcing companies involved in the market: our company carefully monitors not only the production but also product development (upstream) and quality control right up until its final phase (downstream).

With twelve years of experience in the business, CHC is committed to strengthening the bonds of long-lasting relationships and trust with its customers and partners, aware that the values that drive its business activities are as important as the quality of the final product.

What we do

CHC is familiar with the different types of construction, and can offer a flexible and comprehensive service ranging from development to production and quality control. CHC has the know-how and experience gained from decades of experience in the area, and the team is able to work with different materials and specifications, ensuring the best balance between price and quality.

In addition to footwear, but also within the leather goods market, the company works with different types of accessories.

development design with Passion

From the design phase to the development of prototypes, CHC ensures careful and experienced attention to detail in the initial phase of the productive process. The company has the ability to work on the design of the products autonomously whilst maintaining constant communication with its customers, without losing sight of their profile and expectations as the end consumer.


reliance and strength Lasting relationships

CHC is fully committed to firm partnerships with local producers. Each production unit is carefully selected, taking into account the specific needs of the customer and their product. This attention to detail coupled with the close proximity between the company and the manufacturers, ensures extreme flexibility and adaptability which in turn is translated into the final result.

Active presence on field

Geographically located in one of the most important hubs for the footwear industry in Portugal, CHC takes full advantage of the physical proximity with its manufacturing partners in order to guarantee an active presence in the process.

CHC is involved from the production phase right up to the delivery of the orders to its customers, thus ensuring proper quality control.

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